While only recently established, No One is the culmination of over two decades of creative endeavors from Baltimore - raised / Los Angeles - based friends, Jameel Saleem and Lenard Grier.
As proud geeks, the two have a tendency to delve deeply into their pursuits. Jameel’s interest in films led him to a successful career in Hollywood, while Lenard’s passions for hip-hop and fashion design drove him to start his first streetwear line in twenty-twelve.
But as we all know, life happens.
Life changing events caused Lenard to reluctantly shutter the brand and relocate to Los Angeles, but his fervor for fashion never wavered. Ironically, in twenty-twenty another life altering event would be the catalyst for No One.
No One is for those that are comfortable with ambiguities, oxymorons, and contradictions. Those that chase a single-pot still Irish whiskey with a Bud Ice. The folks that order the Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak Frites.  
No One is intended to embody the youthfulness of streetwear, the durability of American workwear, and the sophistication bespoke suiting.
No One is for those that love being viewed as a “no one” because they know that they are someone.
Everyone is Someone