"No One Cares" - No One Clothiers for The Big Tree Memorial Fund

We're introducing our Summer/Pre-Fall  23' collection “No One Cares”  by taking action on the positive spin of the double entendre’ by partnering with The Big Tree Memorial fund to release a pair of five panel snapbacks, with a portion of the proceeds going to help fund the memorials mission to support family members of those who have succumb to cancer in honor of Erik “Big Tree” Knapp.

 About the memorial fund:

On June 23, 2020, at the young age of Erik "Big Tree" Knapp suddenly passed away from a glioblastoma, a rare but aggressive form of brain cancer.

In his honor, his family and friends have established the Big Tree Memorial Fund to raise funds to fight for a cure for glioblastoma, and assist other families dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one due to cancer.

 Why the pairing:

The connection between the brand and the memorial fund is as organic as it gets. we've been friends and co-workers with one of the organizers of the memorial fund for over 10 years, and we even recall the day that he was told of Eriks diagnosis.

“I was familiar with the disease and its outcomes from hearing stories of patients diagnosed by my wife who is a pediatric neurologist, and was in shock that a person so young and full of life was faced with this grim outlook”

The No One Cares collection was in part inspired by the struggles of those dealing with a life-changing events.

“At the beginning, it starts off with this outpouring of support then ultimately that support begins to wain to the point where you think no one cares.

The No One Cares collection is intended to be a lighthearted “tongue in cheek” approach to social commentary around the ego, tribalism, and consumerism. What better way introduce the collection than showing that No One “the brand” truly does care, by utilizing our platform to both honor the memory of someone close to us and to support families who may be in the throes of the “no one cares” part of their battle.

 Check out https://bigtreememorialfund.org for more info on the memorial fund and check back for more info on the brand including release details and updates for the full release of the “No One Cares” collection.


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