"The Pairings" - Hops and Horology


We believe to truly appreciate a garment the wearer has to have a connection to the brand that produced the piece, beyond aesthetics.

In turn, we're sharing the tangential aspects of the brand that when paired with the items that we produce, help to form the aforementioned connection.

 In our first iteration of "The Pairings" we're talking about Plinys and Planet Oceans, Oak aged and Royal Oaks, Longines and La Fin Du Monde. Told from the perspective of Lenard Grier (co-founder).

As a brand we focus on producing quality products that are intended to get better with age; akin to the patina formed on the hands of a vintage dive watch, or the complexity added by aging a stout in reclaimed whiskey barrels.

This focus in part, stems from my "craft beer" and "mechanical/automatic watch" phase, neither of which I'm entirely over, by the way.

While common for "hipsters" and "finance bros", I didn't really fit the traditional archetype of those groups, being the child of black working class parents from Baltimore who was a former rapper and just happened to work a back-office finance job.

But it was my need to connect with my coworkers that placed me squarely into beeradvocate and watchuseek land, as a willing niketalk refugee. My search for common ground lead me there as my "Hipster/Finance Bro" friends and I shared relatively little in common on the surface. But as I quickly found, a fondness for alcohol and the all-mighty dollar runs deep in the veins of nearly all 20-something American men.

What I gained from going through my beginning phases as a watch geek and craft beer nerd was the knowledge of responsible consumerism.

Why drink a whole six pack of bud (light, heavy, ice etc.) when one (or two) high ABV IPAs gets you the same feeling with a better taste?

Why spend $1,000 on a fashion watch when you can by an automatic micro-brand watch that will retain its value or possibly appreciate in value?

Not to mention the time, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into creating these products when compared to those that are mass produced.

We approach our designs in the same way, we source our fabrics the way an artisan brewer would their hops, we consider a balance between form and function the same way a watchmaker considers the legibility of a chronograph dial.

Our pieces are your desk-divers, your go-to pilsner, along with a few perpetual calendars and overly complex American triple IPAs.

Consume Responsibly...

"The Pairings"

The Watch: Longines Avigation "Big Eye"


The Beer: Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA 


"There is something special about the beauty in the unclear, the ambiguity, the in-between that you can't totally recognize."

Alessandro Michele